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The Esoteric Vagabond Society for Creative Misfits and Inter-dimensional Thinkers


This community is for artists and radicals devoted to the absurdity, indulgence, and freedom of creativity. We worship our insatiable curiosity and refuse to enslave ourselves to the corporate masters of society. Our belief is that *none of this* is real, therefore Art (and reality)  is anything we say it is, but it stops being art when everyone believes it to be so. Art is not a product, it's a chemical reaction. It's a cause and effect; never stagnant. Art cannot be defined by "yes" or "no", and neither can life. 

We, as beings, do not have to live in black and white. We do not have to live according to the past.

We do not have to focus our lives on making money. 

We fight the dark powers that be by committing to live dangerously:

Celebrating life, connection, imagination, and experimentation.

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